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Bay Harbor Yoga Studio and Pilates Classes and Lessons

Petoskey, Walloon, Charlevoix, Boyne City, The Inn

Yes it's true, Power Vinyasa yoga is finally available in the Village at Bay Harbor! After starting out with three years in Harbor Springs, Meghann and the crew from Pure Yoga have added a new location in Bay Harbor. Plus, we've added pilates.

Yes, You! Adults, Beginners, Advanced, Training Teachers and Kids

Everyone is welcome at our yoga and pilates classes - all ages, all ability levels. We don't have beginner and advanced classes. Instead we offer modifications that challenge you at whatever level you're at.

Studio Driving Directions

By Normal Car:

  1. Put in your mapper 4184 Main St, Petoskey MI 49770
  2. Parking is FREE!
  3. We are in the Village at Bay Harbor, which is not the Inn at Bay Harbor (white building with red roof)
  4. Turn into Bay Harbor from US-31 at the stop light.
  5. Drive down the hill to the water and park anywhere you find a spot.
  6. Enter the studio on Main St. We are between Mettlers and Leggiadro under the word Ontario on the overhead steel beams.

By Boat:

  1. Hail the Bay Harbor marina Harbor Master on channel 16
  2. Say you need a shopper's slip for yoga class
  3. Walk a block up Main Street from the docks and we're on the left under Ontario
  4. Sleeping on boats is cramped, especially when you have enough drinks and food to feed a battleship! Don't worry if you left your yoga mat behind to make room for that emergency bottle of wine. We have plenty of mats for you and all of your up north friends!
By GEM Car:

  1. Bring a light jacket because the wind gets chilly off Lake Michigan and you'll be sweaty for your quiet ride home!
  2. Don't stop for gas... ever!
  3. Head down to the village and park in front of the Pancake House.
  4. Hop out, smile, and walk into the studio!